Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Colors of the Rainbow BY ANDRE GABORRO (8th Grade class poem)


The Rainbow’s so fun
the rain and the Sun
it is such a great sight,
but these colors here
can very well disappear
so let’s make that time bright.

Let’s start with red
a color of dead
and even a color of love
red has energy to gauge
with anger and rage
and leadership like an eagle above.

If you have red on your door
you’re just asking for war
so you better be ready to fight,
red gives you that fire
and the loving desire
for it’s your body’s light.

Red makes you think quick
and makes your vigor and willpower click,
raises blood pressure and it’s intense
That’s why on America’s flag it sticks out sore
red also has passiveness with war
The first one is one you can sense.

Orange is up at number two
combination of red and yellow, cool
it has red’s power
but not as hard
it has yellow’s happiness card
like a beautiful flower.

Orange is enthusiastic
and shows things fantastic
get determination
and add creativity,
success, and liberty
you can get Orange’s fascination

It increases your oxygen supply
in your head making you try
it is good to promote
it stimulates you
and strengthens what you do
so having the color orange is something to gloat.

Third is yellow
gives you joy like jello
make your day bright
stands for smart
makes as sharp as a dart
yellow, the color of light

The color’s joy
like a child’s toy,
very cute and fun
generates muscle power
seen in some flowers
yellow is also in the sun.

Yellow also has a dark side
when two worlds collide
it stands for bad things
caution, decay,
sickness, and “jelousay”
so let the nice things ring.

Fourth is green
everywhere it’s seen
combination of yellow and blue
stands for Earth
for some rebirth
for green don’t you get the clue.

Green has freshness,
but also has sickness
money and green,
healing and protection
cowardice and ambition
green covers all deeds.

Blue is clean
color of sky and sea
it has depth and stability
wisdom and trust
calmness is a must
and symbolizes loyalty.

Blue helps heal
gave life to feel
with tranquility for all
with knowledge and seriousness
integrity and powerfulness
blue stands nice and tall.

The best is for last
the color purple is cast
symbolizing royalty
romance and nobility
ambition and creativity
purple is truly a mystery.

Though it can be gloom
and feelings of your doom
and can even cause frustration
along with luxury and being rich
purple has that independent itch
making it red and blue’s creation.

Those of the colors of the rainbow
hope in your mind they sow
for the meaning is very deep
for that arc in the sky
millions go by
so all your life this you must keep.

For these six colors
are cut from the same cloth
they are different
and are totally lost
their differences
can really resonate
so raise a glass
to these colors that
really penetrate.

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