Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My son Andre's poem: The Seasons (8th grade)

From the hot summer and swimming pools
We fall into autumn where it’s nice and cool.
I’m gonna miss all those summer jewels
because I’m really not excited for school.
Autumn goes from September to November
right before winter starts in December.
I’ll miss the sun and the beachballs
while I look at the red leaves starting to fall.
But in the fall there are holidays
like Halloween where you eat candy all day.
And like Thanksgiving and all that great food
you also get to be with your family so there’s nothing to lose.
The colder weather and the red trees
leads up to winter where there are no leaves.
Although I like candy and pumpkin pie
Winter is when I get so many presents I could die.

Now it is winter for a reason
and Winter is also my favorite season.
I really love the chill of the cold
but for some they need someone to hold.
For Winter is an important time
And people buy presents with every little dime.
But it might be a birthday for some
to only get one present must be a bum.

The feeling you get on Christmas morn
makes you glad you were ever born.
Christmas is also Jesus’s birthday
we get to rejoice him everyday.
There is wonderful white snow
so you better be ready to play and go.
You better be good and not get coal
and spend time with family to get on a roll.

For now it’s the season of Spring
where you feel the Sun and the wind ring.
The flowers become pretty and blossom
and you get a Spring break that will be awesome.
All those winter trees, cold and gloom
start to go green into full bloom.

The cold turn to nice and warm
perfect for growing like on a farm.
The cool breeze and the Spring sun
the perfect time to start having fun.
Spring starts around March or April
Now it’s almost time for Summer so chill.

Summertime is the time to live
for you need to have fun with all your heart can give.
I get time off school
to rest and look cool.
I can feel the hot summer heat
that no school could ever beat.
Hanging out with my friends
and having fun like it never ends.
I get to see the beautiful beach
and play with my dog off her leash.
No worries and no troubles
just summer heat that makes your vision double.
Summer only starts in after school ends
and the time I have cannot afford to bend.
For seasons change everyday
it rotates from sunny to cold and gray.

No matter what season dings
it will either be Summer, Fall, Winter, of Spring.
So now you know how all the seasons changed
and how they all can be arranged.
There are many different times for seasons
and they start in different months for reasons.
Seasons are always special to everyone
because every year they get another run.

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